Future of Blogging is AI | Is Blogging Dead

Blogging has become one of the most important factors in marketing and business development. Since starting of the internet blogging has come a long way and evolved at a significant rate. But due to growth in technology and artificial intelligence, a question has been raised on the future of blogging.

Future of Blogging is Artificial Intelligence

Is blogging dead?

In this article, you will get to know what Artificial Intelligence (AI) is, what its effects are on blogging, and how you can take benefits from AI in blogging.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a machine that behaves similarly to humans. AI is intelligent enough that it can reason and learn things just like humans or may be better.

How to Use Artificial Intelligence in Blogging?

Blog Research

AI can be used for in-depth research on any topic or information. It basically reduces the time taken for research and analysis. AI analyses visitors, time spent on your blog, and much more efficiently.

Keywords ranking in search results and discover pages are easily distinguished by AI.

Content Production

Producing content with AI is trending nowadays with the improvement in the ability of AI. AI can produce content updated to date and also it takes less time to complete the task. Accuracy and information in the content produced by AI will be higher and more relevant to the topics.

Generating Ideas

AI can look for the searched keywords on the internet and what the user needs by analyzing data from various sources much faster.

Hence it can generate new and unique ideas for content that can rank higher surpassing most of the sites on the internet.

Disadvantages of AI Generated Content

  • Since Ai can produce content with higher accuracy and updated information but it’s not really true because it gathers data from the internet and nobody knows if it is correct or not. So you have to read and check your content once before publishing.
  • You have to observe the ranking articles on trending articles to make sure AI does not miss anything to include in the produced content.
  • Since AI is a machine and can’t understand properly what the user’s intent is, so you have to do some research manually about the user’s intent.
  • Ai generates content avoiding spelling and grammatical mistakes so far. But in reality, some keywords and spellings are mistyped or misspelled by users and that ranks. so you have to check the errors and fix them to rank your blog higher.
  • AI can generate unique high-quality content but it lacks emotion in it. Although it’s a machine so the produced content will be much more formal and it will be difficult for you to establish a connection with your audience.


What is Replacing Blogging?

Blogging can’t be replaced as it has evolved much more profitable than before with time. People continue consuming whether in text form or video form but blogging isn’t dead for sure.

Will AI Replace Bloggers?

AI basically helps bloggers in producing unique high-quality content by saving time, providing new ideas, keyword research, data analysis, and much more.
The source of information and data for AI is the internet which mainly constitutes of bloggers and creators so AI can’t replace bloggers.

Which AI Creates Blogs?

Jasper (previously known as Jarvis) uses language processing and machine learning to create blog posts, website content, social content, landing pages, and much more in over 25 languages.

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