Subhash Kothari was started in 2023 with the goal of providing accurate and updated information about blogging and making money online so that you can make your own digital empire. If you want to make some extra money or just want to achieve financial freedom and live your dream life, then you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to Subhash Kothari!

Who I am? : Subhash Kothari

Subhash Kothari
Subhash Kothari

I am a blogger/content writer and currently doing my graduation with BioTech.

I completed my schooling at St. Joseph’s School, Bhanupratappur, and currently, I am in my final year at St. Thomas College, Bhilai. My interest in the digital world actually started in my school days and increasing till now.

How did I start Blogging?

Initial Days

First of all, I would like to tell you I started Subhash Kothari in 2023 January and doing my graduation side by side.

From my school days, I used the internet for searching opportunities related to making money online. But I was not aware of my interest in the initial days after schooling I went towards the medical field and it was a mistake now I recognize.

My Life’s Turning Point

As I said, after school, I went to Bhilai, Chhattisgarh for coaching and after spending 2 years an accident happened that changed my life.

Subhash Kothari Accident

Actually, I bought a new bike on 16 Nov 2019 and after one month I met with an accident on 9 Dec 2019. I was in the hospital for approximately one month and literally, I don’t remember those days how it went.


When I reached home after medical treatment, it took me several days to recognize my own hometown. It took one year to recover completely from an accident while in the process I took admission to college and time passed on.

Starting of Subhash Kothari

Domain and Hosting

I wanted that people must recognize my blog by my name. So I registered a domain from google domains due to insecurity issues and purchased hosting from hostinger which was quite beneficial for me. Hostinger provides various plans which are very affordable and support is appreciable.

Motive and Niche

As you all know, most people nowadays think that a government job is the only way to make money and settle in life.

Seeing all this I want to bring awareness among people that there are enormous opportunities available online. So I chose the niche Make Money Online and provide information and tips on making money online to live a dream life.


As I said earlier, I want to make you aware and keep you updated about online opportunities so that you can start something big and achieve your dream.

If you want to share something or have any queries, you can use my social handles to connect with me:

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