10 Best Affiliate Programs You Should Join Now in 2023

The biggest problem in affiliate marketing is definitely choosing the best affiliate program. You will find countless affiliate programs online but which one to join?

Best Affiliate Programs

Almost every one of us tends to search for the best affiliate programs when we start affiliate marketing.

Because choosing the right affiliate program is very crucial if you don’t want a loss in this business and make more profit.

10 Best Affiliate Programs You Should Join Now

  1. Amazon Associates
  2. Clickbank
  3. ShareASale
  4. Rakuten Advertising
  5. CJ Affiliate
  6. eBay Partner Network
  7. Impact
  8. Awin
  9. Etsy Affiliate Program
  10. Avangate

1. Amazon Associates

Amazon is the biggest e-commerce platform in the world with millions of products in every niche.

Amazon Associates allow you to earn commission on every sale generated through your affiliate link. You can choose from a variety of products available and make money through affiliate marketing.

Amazon Associates is the best option for beginners as well as pro affiliate marketers as you can join its affiliate program through an existing Amazon account and start your affiliate marketing journey.

Commission: Amazon Associates pays a commission of 4-20% depending on the product category.

Payment Method: The money earned gets credited to your bank account directly.

Cookie: 24 Hours

2. Clickbank

Clickbank is one of the most trusted affiliate networks based in over 190 countries with 200 million satisfied customers.

Since the company has partnered with various brands you get tons of products to sell on every niche. Clickbank mostly has a collection of digital products but they are including physical products too now.

Getting started with Clickbank is easy as you have to create an account with some basic details and you can sell products easily.

Commission: The commission on the product ranges from 50% to 70%.

Payment Method: Direct deposit. Payoneer and Check are the payment methods provided by Clickbank.

Cookie: 60 Days

3. ShareASale

ShareASale is one of the largest affiliate networks out there with existence of two decades. It has a collection of products in a wider range since it has partnerships with several big brands.

Joining this affiliate program is very simple due to its simple user interface. It is very much trusted by merchants and affiliate marketers to grow a business.

You should definitely join this network if you want to join a trusted and successful affiliate network.

Commission: ShareASale pays 20% of the product sale to affiliates.

Payment Method: Check, wire transfer, Payoneer.

Cookie: 30 Days

4. Rakuten Advertising

Rakuten is a Japanese affiliate marketing service provider established in 2005. Rakuten has partnered with 1000+ brands and services but people generally don’t pay attention to it limiting themselves to the affiliate marketing industry.

Getting approved on this platform is a little bit tough as it needs to have some traffic on your website.

As I said getting approval from Rakuten is a bit tough but if you provide valuable content to the audience and gather enough traffic then you are eligible.

Commission: Rakuten pays 8 to 20% to affiliates for the product sale.

Payment Method: Paypal, Direct deposit, Check.

Cookie: It depends on the product you promote.

5. CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate also known as Commission Junction is one of the oldest affiliate networks in the market. CJ comprises small brands as well as big brands like Zappos, Sears, Verizon, Staples, Samsung, and more than 2000 affiliate marketing programs.

CJ provides almost all the essential tools that affiliate marketers need and the metrics are just outstanding. You can track your performance, sales, and impressions clearly with tools available here.

CJ Affiliate is worth joining if you don’t want to waste your time figuring out whether you are in profit or loss.

Commission: Commission rates vary depending on the product starting from 4%.

Payment Method: You get paid via check or direct deposit on this platform.

Cookie: 45 Days

6. eBay Partner Network

Everyone knows eBay, right? It is a global marketing platform where people sell out old and junk items from their inventory to make money.

But do you know, 80% of the listings on eBay are for new Items? In fact, eBay also has an affiliate program known as eBay Partner Network (EPN) which is managed by eBay itself so there is no middleman involved.

It can be a great place if you want to start your affiliate marketing journey. It has a high commission rate compared to other affiliate networks out there.

Commission: EPN pays a commission from 50 to 70% on each sale depending on the product.

Payment Method: You get paid via Paypal.

Cookie: 24 Hours

7. Impact

Impact has become a big affiliate network in comparatively very less time. Its founders are the same as Commission Junction.

You can find Adidas, Airbnb, and more than 2500 brands listing their products on Impact. Although it may be tough for beginner affiliate marketers to work with Impact due to its fancy user interface, you can see useful tools and features that will definitely help you in growing.

You can also see the list of all the advertisers offering instant approvals which is quite beneficial in saving your time.

Commission: The commission rates vary depending on the products.

Payment Method: Impact offer Paypal, Check, Direct deposit, and Wire transfer as payment methods.

Cookie: 7 Days

8. Awin

Awin is the largest affiliate network with more than 16,000 advertisers and 2,00,000 publishers using the platform. Awin also acquired ShareASale a few years back but they run as separate units.

You will find big names such as Emirates, Etsy, and other brands working with them. It operates globally but mainly focuses on UK and EU advertisers.

The best thing about Awin is their fast payments as you also get paid for validated transactions when Awin gets paid by advertisers.

Commission: The commission rates vary depending on the products.

Payment Method: Payoneer, Wire transfer.

Cookie: 30 Days

9. Etsy Affiliate Program

Etsy is better known for selling products made by independent crafters and artists. The platform has established itself as a unique marketplace for specific products in a short period of time.

Apart from selling your products, you can make money on Etsy through its affiliate program by linking products in the platform. Many people are already using Etsy to make money through affiliate marketing.

Etsy is one of the best platforms for beginner affiliate marketers because working with them is quite easy.

Commission: Etsy pays a 4% commission per sale.

Payment Method: Wire transfer and Check are the payment methods available.

Cookie: 30 Days

10. Avangate

Avangate is also among the best affiliate networks that was founded in 2006. What makes it unique is that it has only digital products to promote.

Clickbank also comprises digital products and some physical products but Avangate has a listing of 99% software and digital courses.

You will find software from different categories to promote on this platform. So if you are a content creator and would like to sell digital products then Avangate is best for you.

Commission: Avangate pays a commission of up to 75% on a product sale which is very high in comparison with other affiliate networks.

Payment Method: Check, Paypal, Wire transfer, and Avangate Prepaid Mastercard.

Cookie: 30 to 180 Days


Which Affiliate Program is Best for Beginners?

Amazon Associates is the best and easiest affiliate program for beginners as it has a collection of millions of products in every niche. Starting with Amazon Associates is very easy, you have to signup with an existing Amazon account and you get banners and links for the products to promote.
The commission rate is 4-20% depending on the product category.

How Much do Beginner Affiliates Make?

The commission rates depend on the affiliate network and product you choose to promote. Beginner affiliate marketers can make something around 500 to 1,000$ if done with proper practice and dedication.

How Many Affiliate Programs Can You Join?

There is no limitation on how many affiliate programs you can join. More affiliate programs mean more earning sources so I would suggest you definitely join multiple affiliate programs to maximize your earnings.

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