How to Earn Rs. 50000 With Gromo App

Hello buddy, do you know you can earn Rs. 50000 with mobile only by using an app?

In this article, we are going to discuss about fabulous app named Gromo. You can easily earn up to 50000 by referring bank accounts, credit cards, and financial services with this app.

Earn Money with Gromo

What is Gromo?

Gromo is one of the trusted mobile platforms that allows its users to earn money online by selling several financial products available. Gromo has partnered with more than 20 financial institutions and more than 13 Lakh partners that are selling financial products and earning money.

What products You can Sell on Gromo?

Gromo allows you to sell a variety of financial products to customers and earn money. You can sell savings accounts, credit cards, insurance, loans, and much more to customers and you get a commission for each sale generated. You get a list of products on the application itself to sell and earn money.

Requirements to Become a Gromo Partner

You don’t need much to become a Gromo partner, just a mobile phone and internet are enough to start earning money from Gromo.

Also, you don’t need much financial knowledge to become a Gromo partner since there are courses and webinars in the app itself from where you can learn how to sell products to customers.

How to Earn Money with Gromo

  1. First, you have to install and sign up on the Gromo app.

    Fill in all the basic details and verify your account with ID proof. You will get Rs. 250 bonus if you signup with this referral link.

  2. After opening the account you will see many products such as credit cards, insurance, savings accounts, and loans.

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    You can choose from the products available to sell.

  3. There is also an academy section where you can learn how to sell products to customers.

    If you get stuck on any problem you can watch videos and courses from here.

  4. Before referring, you have to watch videos and guidelines first.

  5. You can refer these products on any platform you want. Just you have to share your referral link.

  6. When anyone opens an account with your referral link, you earn money.


Is Gromo App Safe?

Gromo is one of the safest and trusted mobile app to use for earning money as you can transfer your earnings directly to your bank account without hassle. It has the highest commission rates among other apps and is trusted by more than 13 lakh partners.

How Does Gromo Work?

Gromo is a platform that allows you to earn money by selling financial products like savings accounts, credit cards, loans, and insurance. You receive a commission for each successful sale completed.

Who are Gromo’s Competitors?

Gromo’s competitors are OneCode and BankSathi which are far behind Gromo in terms of use and earnings.

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