How to Choose a Blog Name | Tips for Unique Blog Name

So you might be thinking to start a blog but can’t decide a name for your blog.

Choosing the right blog name is as important as your blog’s content so that users can remember it easily. The blog name should be short enough to write down appropriately.

How to Choose a Blog Name

In this article, I will guide you to choose the perfect name for your blog which can be remembered easily and is catchy too.

Things to Consider While Choosing a Blog Name

1. Research Your Blog Niche

When choosing a blog name, the most important thing to consider is your blog niche. On what niche you are going to write and what topics would you cover in your blog?

For example, if your blog is about food, Tasty Food would be a great name, but Singing Food can be the worst.

So first you have to research and decide your niche after that it will be easy for you to choose a blog name.

2. Focus on Your Audience

A perfect blog name should primarily focus on the target audience. Your blog’s content is useful for which type of audience, you must figure it out while choosing a blog name.

For example, the name Pretty Wardrobe basically targets a female audience which can be clearly understood by just seeing it once.

Just like this, your blog name should clearly target a specific audience which can be helpful in the long run.

3. It Should Fit with Your Domain

Does your blog name and domain fit perfectly? You might be confused about what does that mean?

Let’s say your blog name is Awesome Tech and your domain is Helping Tech, which looks quite awkward for sure.

You must choose a blog name that fits perfectly with your domain in terms of reading and writing. It looks quite remarkable and easy to remember for users.

4. Should be Easy to Say and Spell

A blog name should be easy to say and spell in words. Sometimes it’s easy to write any word but hard to say it louder.

So you must choose your blog name wisely which should be easy to say in words.

This will help people to mention your blog name to others which will be great for establishing your brand awareness in long run.

Tips to Choose a Unique Blog Name

1. Use Your Own Name

Using your own name as a blog name is a great idea if you want to do personal branding or if you are an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, or artist.

If your name is unique so will your blog name but if your name is common and may have other persons with your name, you can try different combinations of your name.

Your name will definitely help you to create personal branding as well as you will be recognized easily digitally.

2. Use Different Language

There are many unique blog names that are already taken and you might be interested in those names but that will not be beneficial for you.

In this case, you can use different languages to create an impressive blog name.

You can use Spanish, Italian, or other languages in a simple way or mix two languages at a time to create a unique blog name.

3. Try Unrelated Words

For a completely unique and different name, some manipulations can be done which can be beneficial for you.

Like you can use synonyms or completely unrelated words rather than your blog’s content.

Mostly it is not suggested to use other words different from your blog but if you use some high-quality and engaging words then it can be useful for creating a blog name.

Unrelated words are totally different from the blog’s content but due to their engaging capacity, they can be included in the blog name.

4. Use Abbreviations

Sometimes good blog names are very lengthy and difficult to remember but you are stuck in these names.

So you can use abbreviations instead of long names. For example, the name Indian Premiere League is great but it’s too long to write and say it is mostly referred to as IPL which is very short and easy to speak verbally.

Just like this you can use abbreviations instead of long words that are very unique.


Should a Blog Name be Short?

Choosing a short blog name can be beneficial for you by various means. It will be useful if people say something about your blog in real world or digital world because generally short words are easy to pronounce and remember.
It’s always a great idea to keep your blog name short.

How Long Should a Blog Name be?

Generally, a blog name should be short enough to remember and pronounce. You should use not more than 2-3 words because it will be very long and difficult to remember and it looks quite inappropriate too.

Does Blog Name Really Matter?

Yes definitely according to research 77% of marketers believe that blog name highly affects marketing, promotion, sales, and brand stability.
The big thing is if the blog name is imperfect or confusing, users will be less attracted to visit the site.

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